Troubleshooting Javascript Errors

Troubleshooting Javascript Errors

If you are in your site’s WordPress Admin and one or all of the following is not working:

  • Color Pickers
  • Expiration DatePicker
  • Image Uploader
  • The Volt Vector Option Tabs
  • The Meta Tabs

This is most likely caused by a javascript conflict that is breaking these features. Any modern browser has a console that you can check for errors.

Here is a good article to reference for your browser:

How to open the JavaScript console in different browsers?

Once you find how to open the console in your browser, open it and then reload the page to see if there are any errors in the console.

Errors will look like this, in red:


With that error you should be able to see what script is causing the issue and that can let you know if you have to change some of your coding or look for a fix from another plugin or theme. Any scripts errors caused by the Volt Vectors can be brought to our attention so that we can resolve it.