Troubleshooting Conflicts

Troubleshooting Conflicts

Volt Vectors strives to use WordPress Standard Practices in coding and be as compatible with as many themes and plugins as possible. However, sometimes conflicts will arise and this is a guide to help narrow down and find the source of the conflict.

Following these steps are an essential process to discovering what is wrong and then working towards a resolution.

If you are having issues with the Option or Meta Tabs, Image Uploader, the Expiration Date Picker, or the Color Pickers working, please look at our Troubleshooting Javascript Errors guide first before continuing here.

Troubleshooting Steps #

  1. Deactivate theme and plugins
  2. Reactive theme and plugins one at a time to find the conflict
  3. Find a Solution

Before taking any of these steps it is recommended you backup your site.

Deactivate theme and plugins #

  1. Switch from your current theme to Twenty Twenty-Three or a similar default WordPress Plugin (Twenty Twenty-Two, Twenty Twenty-One,…) by heading to your site’s admin and Appearance > Themes
  2. Head to your plugin page on your site’s admin Plugins > Installed Plugins and select everything, but Volt Vectors Pro plugin. Then in the bulk edit dropdown select Deactivate and Apply
  3. Clear your browsers cache
  4. Check your site in the browser and see if the conflict is resolved

Reactive theme and plugins one at a time to find the conflict #

  1. If the issue resolves after switching themes and deactivating the plugins, then it is time to start changing things back to find the conflict
  2. Start by changing the theme back on your site and then retest to find the issue
  3. If the problem shows, then there is a conflict with the theme. If not, head to the next step
  4. Reactive your plugins one at a time, each time checking to see if that recreates the issue
  5. If you find one of the plugins does recreate the issue, you are looking at a plugin conflict
  6. Once you find the conflict, you can reactive your theme and plugins back to how you want it

Find a Solution #

Once you have narrowed down the conflict you can look for a solution in the following areas:

Please Note:  We will do our best to try to resolve the conflict, but many theme and plugin conflicts will be beyond the support we provide as detailed in our Terms of Service. However, we will look at every issue brought to our attention and provide as much information and help we can.