Troubleshooting 404 Errors

Troubleshooting 404 Errors

404 errors can be caused by many issues. This guide is an attempt to provide some practical solutions to try and fix most issues.

If you are getting a 404 error with the Volt Vectors Pro, it is a good idea to resave your permalinks as they will flush the permalink system and fix the issue for most users.

Resave Permalinks

  • To do that, go to your website admin area. Then head to this page:
  • Settings > Permalinks
  • On that page click “Save Changes”, that is it. You have not flushed your permalinks.

If that does not resolve the issue of 404 Errors, please see our Troubleshooting Conflicts Guide.

For more in depth information on permalinks, check out’s Using Permalinks.

Permalinks Become Unsaved Frequently
This is not a guide on how to solve the issue when permalinks seem to be changing all the time. But if you are running into this issue, you may want to look at any custom coding, your theme, or plugin for coding that is flushing permalinks on every load. Many times that is the cause of the issue.