Themer’s Guide

Themer’s Guide

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Customizing Template Files #

Volt Vector comes with a template system to enable you to move templates to your child theme where you can edit them and not lose the changes when updating.

1. Create a directory in your child theme (parent themes work too)
Go to your child theme directory, located at wp-content/themes/your-theme/.
Create the following directory:

  • To modify Volt Vectors

2. Locate the files that you would like to edit
Find the template files in the plugin directory:

  • Volt Vector template files
  • wp-content/plugins/volt-vectors-pro/Volt_Vectors_Pro/views

Once you have a template you would like to edit, move it to your theme.



Becomes this:


If you are not sure where a template should be moved in your theme, the comments at the top of each template will tell your were to override it:

Template override @ [your-theme]/pngx/vector/chat/container.php