How do I manually update or downgrade a plugin?

How do I manually update or downgrade a plugin?

If you would like to manually update or downgrade a WordPress plugin for any reason you can follow these steps to do that. It is always recommended to backup your site before doing an this process, but this process does not delete any vectors or emebeddings or settings it could for another plugin.

  1. For Volt Vectors Pro download it from your account.
  2. Login to the admin of your site
  3. Go to Plugins and find the plugins
  4. Deactivate and then delete the plugins you are going to change
  5. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugins Button
  6. Click Browse, Find the plugin, then select it and click Install Now
  7. Activate It!

If you find that is not working for you you may have to try to using ftp to update or through your cPanel and this articles explains how to do that:

How to upload and Install Volt Vectors Pro by WordPress, FTP, or cPanel

If you have any additional questions or issues please contact us using the support form.