Getting Started with Simple MySQL for Vector Embeddings and Profiles

Getting Started with Simple MySQL for Vector Embeddings and Profiles

Volt Vectors recently released a simple MySQL option for managing vector embeddings and profiles. In this post, we’ll provide an overview of this new feature and how to use it effectively.

What is the Simple MySQL Option? #

The simple MySQL option allows you to store and compare vector embeddings using custom tables in MySQL. It associates all the embeddings under a single namespace for easy querying and comparison.

When Should You Use Simple MySQL? #

The simple MySQL option is ideal for small-scale use cases with limited data. It’s a great way to get started with vector embeddings and test out the capabilities without needing additional infrastructure.

Here are some examples of good use cases:

  • Testing out embedding capabilities on a small dataset
  • Managing embeddings for a low-traffic chatbot
  • Small research experiments with embeddings

Limitations of Simple MySQL #

While handy for smaller uses, simple MySQL has some limitations:

  • Not scalable – With more embeddings, performance decreases significantly. It is very server resource intensive.
  • Namespace limitations – All comparisons occur within a single namespace. This limits flexibility.

Simple MySQL is not recommended for production systems or large embedding libraries.

Getting Started with Simple MySQL #

Using simple MySQL is straightforward:

  1. Select the “Simple MySQL” option when configuring your vector embeddings.
  2. Volt Vectors will automatically create the necessary tables and schema.
  3. Start adding embeddings under a chosen namespace.
  4. Query and compare embeddings normally within that namespace.

Tips for Better Performance #

To optimize simple MySQL performance:

  • Use namespaces – Isolate different groups of embeddings in separate namespaces to limit comparisons.
  • Limit embedding count – Try to only store necessary embeddings to minimize resource usage.
  • Chunk large uploads – Split a large upload into smaller chunks to reduce load.

When to Consider Alternatives #

Once you exceed 10,000 embeddings or need more customization, it’s time to consider alternatives like Pinecone, Supplebase, or a fully custom vector database.

The simple MySQL option is fantastic for getting started quickly, but has limits. Know when your use case calls for a more robust embedding infrastructure.

Conclusion #

The simple MySQL option provides an easy way to begin experimenting with vector embeddings on Volt Vectors. It’s ideal for small-scale uses before needing more advanced infrastructure. Be aware of its limitations for large embedding libraries or production systems. But otherwise, give it try for an easy start with embeddings!