Getting Started with Embeddings and Vector Profiles in Volt Vectors

Getting Started with Embeddings and Vector Profiles in Volt Vectors

Volt Vectors includes an “Embeddings and Vector Profiles” tab in the options that allows you to configure how embeddings are generated and used in the system. This tutorial will walk through the key settings and help you optimize embeddings for your use case.

Enabling Embeddings for Different Post Types #

The “Embedding Enabled Post Types” section allows you to specify which content types will be included when generating embeddings. By default, this includes posts, pages, and docs. If you use custom post types or taxonomies, you’ll want to add those here so they are included.

To add custom data, use a filter documented on the Volt Vectors website. The filter allows you to append custom field data to the content used for embeddings.

Configuring Profiles #

Profiles are at the core of the Volt Vectors system. They allow you to create multiple vector databases with different settings and models.

To create a new profile:

  • Give the profile a description
  • Select the AI service (currently OpenAI)
  • Choose the AI model
  • Set the API key
  • Select the vector database (Pinecone or Simple MySQL currently)
  • Configure parent retrieval settings

Once created, set one profile as the default for new embeddings and chats.

Parent Retrieval Settings #

Parent retrieval balances accuracy with providing enough context to the AI. Smaller sentence chunks improve accuracy of embedding comparisons. Larger chunks give the AI more context.

Key settings:

  • Chunk size: A good default, but tweak based on your content. Some embeddings may need more or less overlap.
  • Sentence minimum: Minimum number of sentences included in each chunk.
  • Disable parent retrieval: Uses the larger chunk size only. Less accurate but fewer embeddings.

Experiment with different profiles and settings for different groups of content. The AI only needs one open profile to access all embeddings.

Next Steps #

With your profiles configured, you can start creating embeddings to power your Volt Vectors implementation. Refer to the documentation for more help optimizing and troubleshooting embeddings.